I’m so in love with this dress; I like my choice of fabric. The dress accentuates my curves perfectly. I have made something like that, but short length; I needed a longer length so that I can wear it to church or casual hang out with friends. It’s easy to make; It took me approximately three hours to make including drafting the patterns.
Follow my easy step by step tutorial below to make your own simple sexy dress. I will make the pattern available on my next post and link it to this post.



step 1: Print out the pattern and cut out your fabric

sewingandfabric sewingandfabricsewingandfabric

I will make the pattern available for download on my next post. Fold your fabric and cut the front and back. Pin pattern on fabric to avoid shaking. Cut out the sleeve pattern facing both ways. For instance, when you cut out the first sleeve on your fabric, turn the sleeve pattern back and cut. I didn’t leave any allowance while cutting because the fabric stretches a lot. You can leave half an inch allowance to be safe. It’s better for it to be big so that you can make an adjustment after fitting.

step 2: sew the shoulders together


Place the front and back, back to back and sew along the top at each shoulder.


step 3: sew the neck round


Fold the neck to the back twice, pin to stay and sew round. As seen in the picture above.

step 4: join the sleeve to the armhole and sew


Join the sleeves to the dress as seen in the picture above. Pin the sleeve on the armhole accordingly. Front armhole to front sleeve, back armhole to back sleeve.

step 5: sew the two side seams


Join the two side seams, back to back and sew, start to sew from the sleeve down. Try to fit and make the necessary adjustment before proceeding to hem the sleeve and bottom.

step 6: ( final step) hemming


After fitting, hem both sleeves and bottom. Cest fini


The pattern is now available for download. click download to get the pattern.





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