diy simple sexy dress pattern
DIY simple sexy dress sewing pattern

The pattern is ready for download. I’m a size 16 (medium). I drafted the pattern with my measurement. I have a wide hip. My hip measurement is 42. The medium size pattern can also fit larger sizes if you are going to use a stretch fabric.

DIY simple sexy dress pattern

I will downgrade the pattern to a small size and upgrade to a plus size and link it here. For now, I have the medium size only. I’m working on the two sizes. The dress is easy to make, follow the tutorial. Click here for the tutorial. There are pattern instructions on the free pattern; I made it easy for you to understand. I made a size guide, check here to know your size before downloading the pattern so that you can download the right size for your body. Click here for more tutorial. Here is a diagram of DIY simple sexy dress sewing pattern

DIY downloadable dress pattern

NOTE: print setting must be no scaling or print scale 100%.

It’s in a letter size format (width 8.5, height 11.0).



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