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DIY kaftan with ankara detailing

I’m typing and laughing right now; I remembered after making this Abaya gown for my mom, I refused to give her. The gown fits me well, even though I made it with her measurement. It’s a free gown. I later gave it to her after rocking it for that day. Lol! She was happy with what I made for her; you can tell from the picture that it fit her body well.

sewingandfabric batwing abaya gown

My mom is not a fan of plain black clothes, she love a little pop of colors on her clothes. I added a little detail, not to make it look blackish. I used leftover pieces of fabric from my previous sewing projects to make the gown look different and stylish. She specifically told me that she wanted something free not clinching to her body, something she can wear to her shop without thinking about it. So… I made this batwing flowing gown. it’s easy to make. I will make the pattern available on my next post. So…. here is the DIY kaftan with ankara detailing step by step tutorial.


sewingandfabric sewing material

What you’ll need to make yours;

3 ½ yards of fabric (I used a jersey fabric)

Different Ankara pieces (you can use different printed fabric if you don’t have Ankara)

Thread to match your fabric

Sewing pattern (check my next post to download your size)

Measuring tape

Sewing machine and

Pressing iron.



Print out your pattern and cut your fabric. Cut fabric pieces too (the fabric pieces pattern are in different lengths. The width is 1 ½ inches). Cut in fold.


Fold the pieces of fabric ½ inch on both edges and iron down, for it to stay.


Arrange the pieces of fabric on the front side of the Batwing Abaya gown the way you want it to look and pin down.


Sew the pieces on the front side of the fabric. Sew round. Fold the rough bottom edge of the pieces and sew.


Sew the facing, trim and clip the edge. iron to make it flat, fold in and stitch round again. Do the same for the back facing.


Sew the side seams with the gown front and back right sides together. Start from the shoulder. Then hem the sleeve and bottom of the gown. Here is tutorial that you can also follow. C’est fini

click to download the pattern

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