sleeveless front slit-dress tutorialsleeveless front slit dress tutorial

sleeveless front slit dress tutorial

How I wish my pictures were clearer. They are blurry and so much noise. I know I can do better; I will do better. The pictures were taken randomly without professional touch.

This dress is very pretty; the pop of color on the fabric makes the design more formal and relaxed. That’s what I wanted; I wanted a design that will complement the fabric. The dress is well tailored than it appeared on the picture.

I’m not going to create a pattern for this dress; I already have a pattern similar to this dress, that’s the triangle cutout back maxi dress pattern. The first thing you need to do is download the pattern and then manipulate the pattern by adding few details.

click MORE below to find the full tutorial.

What you need to do before cutting your fabric is to decide how you want your oval open back should look like, that is if you want a plunging oval back or not.  Preferably the oval back length should be 10inches; the width (the largest part) should be 6. Try to make a perfect or almost perfect oval shape. The front slit depends on your desired length, mine was 8 inches.

oval back example sewingandfabric

This dress is sexy and length appropriate for a formal dress. Don’t add a slit if you don’t want a slit; the slit was never planned anyway; I just wanted to spice it up.

I’m excited to share the step-by-step tutorial to make this dress!  The materials you will need are;

2 yards fabric (preferably stretched fabric)

1 fancy button

Fabric hook or elastic


Sewing machine

sleeveless front slit dress tutorial

1  Cut all your pieces out, including the front and back facing. Cut to your desired length. You will have 5 pieces with you; two front pieces, one back piece, front and back facing.

2   Join the front pieces together:  measure the length you want your slit to stop and pin. Sew from the shoulder down to your slit length, iron or pin the two slits aside and sew on the back side of the slit on the edge.

3   sew the side dart on the front piece.

4   Take the front and back pieces and attach them together BACK to BACK at the shoulder seam with a straight stitch. Repeat on the facing.

Step 5 and step 6 are not on the tutorial illustration table. I used tiny pieces and a needle and thread to show you the next two steps.

sewing tutorial

5    Place the facing on the dress, in a way that the back of the facing will be facing you while the front facing the dress. Pin the neckline of the facing along the neckline of the dress, matching them up with the shoulder seam and the oval back seam. Sew with ½ inch seam allowance around the entire neckline and the oval back, stretching slightly as you sew if you’re using a stretched fabric. Trim the seam allowance and then tuck the facing inside the dress and iron. Topstitch around the neckline and oval back to keep the facing in place.

sewingandfabric sewingandfabric

6   Tuck in the armhole and sew: tuck in the dress and facing armhole facing either other, pin and topstitch around the armhole.

7    Create a little hole on the top left side of the oval back, attach your fabric hook or elastic hook (by sticking it inside, between the facing and the dress) and topstitch, closing the hole. Get your needle and thread and attach your button on the right top side of the oval back.

8      Sew the two side seams

9       Hem the bottom of the dress,press all your seam. viola! c’est fini.

sleeeless front slit dress sewing tutorial

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