I had a long sleep today. Thank God it’s Saturday!  I added lace making to my hobbies, what a good way to keep yourself busy. I discovered about thread art when I  was in the university. I came across a video on how to make antique and vintage lace using needle and thread, It was an intro video and not the main thing. Before I watched the video, I taught that laces are made with machines. Since I watched the video, I have been looking  for a way and the technique of making lace.



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I can’t take my eyes off beautiful and creative art; I love beauty and creativity. My first thread art was crochet, I made hats with  knitting threads. It’s common to see people knitting in Nigeria. I made so many hats.

The only thread art I haven’t tried is the Armenian lace. I have focused my free time reading and learning how to make Armenian lace. I’m not presently in Nigeria, so it’s easy for me to get the supplies I needed to make any type of lace and the prices are fair.



These beautiful pieces are what we call tatting, you can either tat with a big needle or shuttle. I have tried the shuttle and it’s more complex when compared to the needle.  This is just an introduction to needle tatting; I might go into details in subsequent posts, but today I just want to display my little project on needle tatting.


For those people looking for a profitable hobby, you can start learning about needle tatting online and watch YouTube videos too. There are many things you can make, for starters;  you can make an earring, bracelet, ring, necklace, pendant, bookmark and home decoration.


picture from proud to be a needle tatter blog
picture from proud to be a needle tatter blog


For my beginner’s tatting project, I got a soft thread, it’s a pure cotton thread, but it’s softer and it made my work bend all the time. If you want to start, start with a hard or thick thread, like a size 10 thread instead of a size 30.

I downloaded a free pattern for my next project; I’m still learning how to read the patterns, that is the advance patterns.

We will talk more about needle tatting when I’m done with my tatting project. Have a beautiful  weekend…




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