open back dress sewing tutorial


Salut! How are you all doing today? I hope great. I’m free today and I get to do more motifs for my new lace project. I’m still posting old sewing tutorials. I’m learning and preparing myself for  better projects and clearer pictures that I can share. I haven’t made anything new, just sharing old sewing project.



I bought this lace fabric as a trial fabric to see if I can cut it without making any cutting error and to see if I can sew it on my sewing machine, well, it worked  fine. Lace materials are difficult to work with, especially when you’re still learning how to sew. I made a plain design not to over cut the lace fabric. I didn’t use lining, but I cut it in a way that I can insert or sew a lining on the top or bottom when I want to.


I have done something like this from my previous post  except for the open back. The step by step tutorial is almost the same, but different in a way lol! Confused? I’m just trying to say that you can make your pattern for this dress from my old post. The simple sexy dress pattern will do great. 

Open back lace dress sewing tutorial


2 yards lace fabric

Sewing machine

Thread to match your fabric color



Sewing pattern


Let’s get started

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 2 hours

lace-1lace-2 lace-4 lace-5lace-3

  1.    Draft your pattern and cut all your pieces out. As seen in the photos above.lace-10lace-6 lace-9lace-8lace-7
  2. Attach your front neck facing to the front bodice piece, pin and sew, do the same for the back bodice piece. Trim, clip, and iron.
  3. lace-11Double fold the back bodice piece bottom, pin and sew, do the same for the back skirt piece top. The picture above didn’t explain much.lace-13
  4. Join the front bodice piece and the front skirt piece together.
  5. lace-12Take the front and back pieces and attach them together BACK to BACK at the shoulder seam with a straight stitch.lace-14
  6. Attach the sleeve to the armhole of the dress pin and sew.



7  Lay your dress on the floor or on your cutting table, as seen in the picture above, place the back skirt, 1 inch on top of  the back bodice, pin down, then pin from the sleeve of the dress to the bottom of the dress and sew the side seam.  Wear your dress for fitting and make the neccessery adjustment.

lace-18 lace-19

8  Hem sleeve and the dress rough bottom.



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