Hello guys! It’s been a long time I posted on my blog. I’m back to Nigeria and I’m busy cleaning and washing. I look chunky in my pictures, I added a tremendous amount of weight, I could not stop eating cheese and McDonald’s ice cream.   I was consuming a lot of fatty food and drinking sodas. I have started watching what I eat and the portion, I will be back to my previous weight in no time.


Today is an exciting day.  I have always wanted to make a cold shoulder dress. At first, I didn’t understand the way to create the sleeve pattern; I though all I have to do is sew the dress, and then cut out the sleeve.  The easy way is cutting out a circle from the sleeve and then stitch. I wanted my sleeves attached and I did it.


I did a little clothes shopping before coming back, but I didn’t buy dresses or skirts. So, I will be making my dresses and skirts. It feels good to have a pocket in your dress; I will be adding pockets to some of my new sewing projects.  I will be making another cold shoulder dress with a different design. One more thing, I will be using a lot of knit fabrics for my subsequent projects. I love my jersey, but I want to try sewing with knit and other fabric texture. I will make the sewing pattern available and link it to this post.


It’s an easy sewing project, it took me three hours to complete the project. All you need for this project are;

2 yards knit fabric

Thread to match

Sewing machine

Sewing patterns


Pressing Iron


Let’s get started

csd1 csd2

1    Get your sewing supplies ready, cut out your fabric using the sewing pattern.

csd4 csd3

2)  Place the pocket 12 inches down from the bottom armhole. The right side of the pocket piece should be  facing the right side of the dress. Pin down, sew straight down on the side seam, iron, turn inside then iron again. Do the same for all pocket pieces.


3)Place the front and back, back to back and sew along the top at each shoulder.

csd6csd74)   Double fold the neck to the front side of the pieces, like a turn-up, pin and sew round, on the edge. As seen in the pictures above.


5)    Double fold the armhole to the front side of the dress, pin, sew and iron.Hem the top part of the sleeves as seen in the second picture above. Join the sleeves to the armhole accordingly, pin and stitch. Stitch the armhole and sleeve to join them together, where my finger is on the picture.


6) Sew the side seams from the sleeve, to the pocket then down to the bottom. Hem the sleeves and the bottom after fitting (not shown)


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