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Hi y’all. Today, we are going to learn how to make this fabulous Tee dress. I already made three of this dress design with different colors. The t-shirt dress is beautiful and comfortable. I’m still making more to sell, trying to make money you know. Lol! It’s kind of expensive, so you better make yours and save your money.


The step by step sewing tutorial for this dress is not all detailed, I don’t have enough pictures to show you. It’s easy to make and straight forward. The front pocket is square shape and easy to cut. This tee dress is my best comfortable dress so far; I can’t stop emphasizing on the word “comfortable” because it is extremely comfortable and the color exchange made it look really expensive.


I don’t share most of my sewing projects, design and artworks on my blog, I share majority of them on my instagram. You are free to follow me on instagram or just check out my page @sewingandfabric. Good news for me, I got two new sewing machines. I’m learning how to use them and reading the manuals.


Let’s dive right in..

Your supplies

You need 2 knit fabrics of different colors, 2 yards for the main color and 1 yard for the substitute color.

Threads to match the two fabric

Sewing machine


Sewing pattern



1  Cut your fabric out, you will have seven pieces. one back piece, two front pieces, two sleeves, a pocket piece, and neck band( picture not shown). You will need the remaining fabric pieces to accessorize the neck, by weaving three fabric pieces together. cut the neck accessory demanding on how big or small you want the neck to look.


2 Pin the two front pieces together and sew.


3  Pin down your pocket on the substitute fabric and sew. Sew the three corners. Cut the pocket, the width, and length you want.


4 Place the front and back dress at the shoulder, back to back and sew along the top at each shoulder.


5 Attach the sleeve in the armhole and sew ( check my previous tutorials to see how to attach and sew sleeves).


6  Sew the neck band. I will post a tutorial on two ways you can sew a t-shirt neck band using knit fabric.

7  Pin and sew side seams together. Start sewing from the sleeve down to the bottom of the dress. (picture not shown) Try out the dress by wearing it before hemming the sleeves and rough bottom.


8  Attach the woven neck accessory to the neck by either using a fabric glue or using a needle and thread to join it to the neck. I did both, I first glue the neck piece to the neck of my tee with my fabric glue and stitch with my hands to stay.

c’est fini


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