This is an easy sew. There is no need drafting a pattern for this top. You need to know how to knit, knot (needlework) or learn the basic of making Armenian lace on YouTube. There is no much sewing to be done. I used white baby yarn. You can wear the top at home or at the beach or anywhere else.

If you don’t have the time to learn how to make Armenian lace and you want to make this top, you can improvise by using any lace fabric you have at home.

Your supplies are;

Knit fabric or cotton fabric 1 yard

Sewing machine


A needle that has a wild needle eye to fit your yarn


Thread to match your fabric



1   Before cutting out your fabric, measure the fullest part of your hips and add 3 inches to it, that will be the width of your top. Measure from your shoulder down to your lower waist for the length of your top or measure to your desired length.

Cut out your fabric in fold, cut out the neck using your neck circumference. After cutting out your fabric pieces, place a cardboard or a wood under the back piece and cut out a circle shape.


2  Make an Armenian motif for the back piece and join them together to form a whole with the back piece. ( learn how to make an Armenian lace on YouTube). Armenian lace is very easy to make, just fill the hole out by knotting the yarn together.



3  Place the front and back pieces together, and join at the shoulder.


4 Measure 13 inches from the shoulder down, for the armhole space and pin. Double fold and stitch from the shoulder down to the 13 inches mark. You can decide to stitch all the way down to the length of the top.


5 Place the side seams together on a pillow, separate them by 2 inches and pin down on the pillow (as seen in the picture). Get your needle and yarn and make a zigzag stitches. Leave 3 inches to create the side slit look. Knot the zigzag stitches. (I hope I explained that well. Check the pictures if you’re confused.




6 Crochet the neck, single stitch the neck round twice.tyyt

7 I didn’t do anything to the bottom. it’s a knit fabric, they roll up.


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