I’m saddened that I wouldn’t be able to post the tutorial for this jumpsuit. My camera’s memory card broke as I was about to insert it into my laptop. I have done everything, but it wouldn’t work. I’m really heartbroken. It would have been a great sewing project. All the lovely pictures I took, are all gone. Gosh! I’m so sad.

I bought a lovely knit fabric, I have a design for the fabric, but I’m thinking of changing the design to a jumpsuit. I will try and sketch different jumpsuit design and pick one that will suit the fabric. I have been making dresses, a jumpsuit sewing project will be a great sewing tutorial for my blog.

I haven’t made free sewing patterns for some time now. Well, the reason is that I have a new laptop and I’m yet to install my software. My old laptop is not functioning properly. Hopefully next week, I will have the time to install the pattern making software and digitize free sewing patterns.

I have ordered for my Nikon memory card; my tablet is my new camera.


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