sleeveless-pleated-dress-3 sleeveless-pleateddress sleeveless-pleated-dress

Hello guys! I love the weather today. It’s raining and there is light; I think today will be a good day. I’m excited to  share this sewing tutorial. I love this fabric!  Before going to the fabric store, I have already sketched the design and visualize the fabric that will suit the design. I sketched an abaya gown, but I changed my mind and made this sleeveless dress instead.

I’ve been having a love affair with this pleated dress. I wore it twice last week and I made it last week Saturday. I’m going to try a cotton fabric with this design. I’m thinking of Ankara (we will see.).


sleeveless-pleated-dress-5 sleeveless-pleated-dress-7

The dress is light and airy, perfect for the change of weather. On a cold day or on a rainy day, I incorporate it with a jacket, just to keep me warm and I take it off when I’m hot.

sleeveless-pleated-dress-8 sleeveless-pleated-dress9

Initially, I made it gathers at the waist, I had to change it because the gathers didn’t fit me and that’s not what I was going for. I’d to lose the thread to make it pleated. The best decision I made, the pleated made the dress look more settled and less flowing like I imagined. It’s a short sewing tutorial.

Let’s get started.


3 yards stretch fabric


sewing machine





1  Cut out your fabric; cut the bodice first, then measure from your waist down to your feet for the skirt length. Also, measure your waist and add 13 inches for the skirt width. ( if you want to make it gathers, add 15 inches to the waist)


2   Sew your side dart ( optional).


3   Attach and sew the shoulders ( check previous sewing tutorials)pleated-3    4 Double fold the neck to the back and sew on the edge, do the same for the armhole.


5  Sew the side seams.

pleated-56 Look closely at the picture to follow the way I did my pleating.

pleated6 pleated-7


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