The first jumpsuit post had no step by step tutorial, just a few pictures I took with my tablet. I was going to make the first jumpsuit a two part tutorial, just to give a more vivid detail. The baggy jumpsuit is nothing similar to the first jumpsuit. The baggy jumpsuit is a straight stitching, it’s just like making a top and skirt separately, and attaching them at the waist.



You’ve to do a lot of stretching while you sew, especially at the neck, armhole, and waist to avoid using a zipper. They sell stretch fabric machine needles in sewing stores. I use a normal machine needle, but I think the stretch fabric, sewing machine needles will do fine.



I used the name baggy because of the flowing bottom part of the jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is not all baggy as you can see from the pictures. The top part is tight while the bottom part is loose. I feel like flying in this jumpsuit; I can literally jump, dance and twerk freely. The baggy made it so comfortable. I’m loving it every day.


I’m putting my new found hobby to good use. I crochet more than I sew these days. It’s not a new thing anymore. Presently, I’m making a workout mat with my remaining fabric pieces from my past projects. I’m making them motif by motif when I’m done with the motifs I stitch them together to form a piece. I will Instagram the finished product.


I love the flower motif, it goes well with the jumpsuit. Initially, I was thinking of making little flower motif, like an applique and stitch them all over the jumpsuit. Thank God! I went with this simple look. There are a lot of beginner’s videos on how to crochet on YouTube, try to watch them when you have the time.


There is no pattern for this jumpsuit. You can create your pattern by using your old or new top or preferably, a singlet top and a pant. Please don’t cut directly on your fabric. First, create a pattern before cutting your fabric.


3 yards knit fabric

Sewing machine





Flower applique

pic-11 These are my pieces. You can create your pattern by placing your singlet top on a brown paper and trace. If you don’t have a singlet or sleeveless top, you can use your normal T-shirt, tuck-in the sleeve in and trace. For the bottom, use your trouser or pant and trace.


2 We will start by making the top of the jumpsuit. First, double fold the neck of the front and back bodice pieces to the front side, and sew on the edge. Also, double fold the armhole to the front side of the pieces and sew ( picture for the armhole not shown).Stretch the fabric while you sew.


3) sew the shoulders


4 Sew the side seam. You can try it on and check for fitting and press after fitting. That will be all for the top of the jumpsuit.


5 You have four pieces for the bottom of the jumpsuit. Two front and two back. Now, place the front together, back to back and sew at the side crotch (check picture). Do the same for the back pieces.



6  Attach the front and back bottom pieces at the crotch and sew. Sew the side seams of the pant too.


7 It’s time to join the bodice and bottom together to make them a whole. The top is fitted while the bottom is loose, because of that there will be gathers at the waist. Use you pin to attach them together before you sew. stretch the fabric while you sew.

pic8 pic9

8  Double fold the bottom of the jumpsuit, measure your elastic before sewing and leave about 5/8 sewing allowance. Mine was 1 inch. sew on the edge. Leave about 1-inch space as you sew to insert the elastic. Use a safety pin to insert the elastic


9  Attach your flower applique (optional) on the top left side of the jumpsuit, a little bit above the bust. Use a needle and thread to make it stay.

c’est fini.

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