It took me 30 minutes to make this off-shoulder top. It’s super easy.  I don’t have anything to say, lol, so, let dive in.

off-shoulder-top-4 off-shoulder-top-6


1 yard fabric

Sewing machine


Sewing thread




1   Create a pattern and cut your fabric.

off-shoulder1 off-shoulder-2

2  I used facing for the armhole¸after the first stitching, I double folded it, and stitch. As seen in the pictures.

off-shoulder-4 off-shoulder-5

3 Sew the side seams.


4   Sew the side seams of the rectangular shoulder ruffle pieces and hem the bottom. Turn the top to the front side, place the rectangular shoulder piece inside the top and stitch the top edges. ( Look at the pictures to understand better). Fold 1 inch (depending on your elastic width) and sew round, leave  1-inch space to insert the elastic. Use a safety pin to  insert the elastic. When you’re done inserting the elastic, stitch the open space.

off-shoulder-8 off-shoulder-9 off-shoulder-10off-shoulder-12


5  Hem the bottom rough edges of the top. Voila!



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