Hey ‘all, this is a continuation of our pattern making tutorials. We are going to make the back pattern. I’m going to make it really easy for you to follow. We are going to do more of tracing, after tracing then we draft. click here for the first tutorial.

Get a new brown paper or use the one left from the first draft.50

First, we are going to mark two inches, 1 inch for the zipper allowance and 1 inch for the slit allowance


After marking, rule down.


Fold the zipper and slit allowance.


Place the already drafted basic block front pattern on your back pattern paper and trace.


Now, we will start making alterations on the back pattern. We will start with the armhole. Mark 2 inches up from where the bust and armhole meet ( see the picture)



Curve to create the armhole.

58 59 60 61

For the neck length, measure 1 1/2 inches.


To make it easy for you to create the round neck curve. We will mark guidelines on the paper. Mark in 1/2 inch on the length, mark 1 inch from where the neck width and length meet, mark 1/2 inch down from the neck width.

63 64 65

Cut out the pattern.

66 67

You can separate the front pattern from the back. I don’t like back dart on my dress. For this pattern, we are going to remove the dart allowance from the back pattern. We are going to mark 1 inch in on the waist point. square both up and down and trim off.

68 69

There are different ways to cut a dress slit, for this dress, mark the length you will like your slit to stop and cut out the remaining slit allowance.

70 71

That’s all for the basic dress pattern. I will be posting the steps to draft a sleeve pattern.











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