Hey guys! It’s been so long; I’m finally going to post the tutorial on how to make the office dress we drafted together. I have made so many dresses but no pictures to show the process.
You can check out my Instagram page to see some of the clothes I made. It’s easier to post them on Instagram. @sewingandfabric




I made the orange office dress for a friend; I also made one for myself with a thick stretchy fabric.


What you will need to make this dress are;

A sewing machine,
Long zipper,
Cotton fabric,
Thread to match your fabric,
A serger (optional),
Lining fabric (for support),

We have already drafted the pattern. Get your pattern and cut your fabric. Leave ¾ in allowance . click here and here to draft your pattern.

1    Trace the dart with a tracing pen on your fabric, if you don’t have a tracing pen, you can do exactly what I did. Hand stitch on the dart lines (use a contrasting color), and gently cut the thread from the pattern. Raise the fold pattern up a bit and cut the thread in a way that you can still see traces of the thread on the other side of the fabric piece.




6 7

2      Start by sewing the dart, for both the main piece and lining piece.

3      Sew the back zip allowance together, leaving the slit allowance open (don’t forget to always press after sewing).


4    Sew one side of the slit as seen in the picture.


5    Place the zipper on the back side of the dress. Pin down to avoid shaking while you sew.

10 11 12

6   Use a seam ripper to open the zipper allowance stitches before sewing the top part.


7   Sew the side seams including the shoulders.

14 15

8    Sew the lining the same way you sew the dress except for the zipper allowance.Leave the zipper allowance open.

9     Attach the lining to the dress. Place the front side of the lining to the front side of the dress, in a way that the back of the lining will be facing you.

10    Pin around the neck and sew, don’t forget to leave the zipper allowance open.


11  Tuck the lining inside the dress and iron.

12   Sew the side seams of the sleeves and attach it to the armhole and sew.

17 18 19

13   Hand stitch the lining zipper opening to the main dress, just to give it a nice finish look.


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