Hey y’all, Happy New Year! It’s going to be a beautiful year, more sewing projects and sewing tutorials. Christmas was fun! Was Christmas fun for you?


I’m so proud of myself; I’m beginning to take on a complex sewing project (I’m not saying that this project was difficult) and I have made a few clothes for friends for monetary gain. Sewing is crazy fun but could be frustrating when your sewing machine refuses to cooperate. Now, I can add sewing machine technician to my resume because I don’t call technician anymore; I diagnose the problem and fix it.


This asymmetric dress was made for the New Year celebration in church. Before the New Year, my pastor said that each church member should dress in their native attires for New Year Sunday service. I bought this Ankara fabric, and I couldn’t come up with a design immediately.


Finally, I got my inspiration from a mono-strap black dress that I saw on Pinterest, but I tweak it to create this gorgeous dress; I added mesh and a red fabric to make it look different and church wordy from the initial design.




The process of making this dress is quite easy, it might look complicated, but it isn’t. I took a few pictures; I couldn’t take detailed pictures because it will slow me down and the next day was a church service. I’m hoping you will all make yours.

ankara-2 ankara-3 ankara-4 ankara-5 ankara-6 ankara-7

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