Hey guy! I’m blogging on my phone. So, I made this top a long time ago but I haven’t had time to post it. It’s meant to be a formal wear, a work or office wear. The first time i wore it, i styled it with a jacket (black) and a skirt (black)

The pictures i took in my work place didn’t show the bottom details of the top. For the purpose of this tutorial, i took pictures of the top wearing a jeans, so that you can all see the datailing. It an assymmetric cut.


I used an off white fabric because of the nature of my work, the stretch on the fabric is not sufficient enough. You can add a sleeve to it if you want to or style it with a black jacket.


Materials you need to create this look are:

Sewing machine

1 yard fabric


Open and close zipper

Thread to match fabric

Sewing pattern

Let’s get started



Draft and cut out your pattern, then place your sewing pattern on your fabric and cut. You need two separate patterns of different lengths for the front part and one for the back. The back you cut in fold.



Cut out the neck facing, pin down to stay and sew. Do that for all the neck facing. Double fold the neck facing and sew on the edge.



Place the open and close zipper at the back of the top (you can use a needle and a contrasting color thread to sew the zipper on the top for an easy sew)


Now, join the front pieces together and sew, do the same for the side seams. Pin down to make it easy for you to sew.



Pin down the neck as seen in the pictures above and sew.


Pin the bottom part of the front top and sew.



Hem the top bottom and the sleeve.

Violá la.

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