Happy new month people! I’m blogging from my phone again; it’s easier and I can do it anywhere. As from my next post, I will give a brief illustration on how I create my patterns  I.e after the sewing tutorial of that particular design. I want to make it easy for people to be able to draft the pattern.

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My mom dashed me this Ankara fabric, it’s a yard and half fabric and I had the fabric for months now. I made an “every girls princess dress” which I rocked to church.


As you can see, it’s an easy sew. A basic bodice block and a rectangular cut for the skirt gathering.

Let’s get started

Materials you will need are:

Ankara or any print fabric


Sewing machine




  1. Cut your pattern and fabricIMG_20170308_203805_056-3327x2240
  2. Start by sewing the waist dart for both the front piece and the front piece facing.20170304_182356-2656x1494
  3. Attach the front facing to the front piece, the front, facing the back while you sew. Trim the excessive or clip, turn the facing back and press for a smooth neckline.20170304_183459-2656x149420170304_184644-3984x2241
  4. Place the back facings on the back piece and sew, clip and iron 20170304_185151-3984x2241
  5. Fold the armholes by 3/4 inch in and sew, you can also sew the shoulders together before folding and sewing the armholes20170304_190536-1494x2656
  6. Sew the shoulders together if you haven’t done so and sew the side seams.20170304_203324-2656x149420170304_203338-1494x2656

That’s all for the bodice

The skirt or gathers will be your hip measurement plus 20 inches or 30 inches to make it fuller.

To achieve the gathers look, sew close to the edge of your skirt without locking the thread and drag to form the gathers. I used needle and thread to form my gathers by sewing along the edge with the thread measuring the exact width measurement for the waist.20170304_205015-2656x1494

Join the skirt to the top by sewing them together ( no picture)

Attach the invisible zipper and sew (no picture)

Hem the bottom of the skirt

Cest fini!

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