how to cut and sew a maternity kaftan gown

how to cut and sew a maternity kaftan gown

Hey y’all. How you doing?

I’m having another baby, nothing fit anymore. I’m In my second trimester and I have already added 15kg. Too much right! I know. I can’t help it, it’s like i’m starving all the time. My first pregnancy was the same, I added a total of 38kg (from 60kg to 98kg). I was massive; I was literally walking like a penguin.

I love comfi fashion during my pregnancy journey, although I still wear fitted clothes but stretchy ones. I love my free size dresses.

Most of my post this period will focus on maternity wears, that are simple and easy to cut and sew.

I purchased some cheap fabrics, those fabrics you pick from the store that doesn’t require measurement. I bought few of them and will be sewing all.

Comment and also share.

let’s get started

Note: I cut directly on my fabric. No need for a pattern paper as the kaftan is easy to cut.

I like the texture and tiny pleated design on this fabric. It’s and already cut fabric; it was purchased like that. It’s up to two yards and few inches.

All you need to make this kaftan is your:

Measuring tape


Sewing machine



Thread to match your fabric

Chalk or removable maker (different colors from your fabric).


Fold the fabric into two, cut open the closed side of the fabric.


After cutting the main fabric into two, take one part for the front of the kaftan and cut out the neck. You can cut a v-neck or c-neck. I wanted my neck a little plunging and round. Mine was 6 inches for the length and 3 inches for the width.

Use your colored Chalk to mark the neck shape you want before cutting out to avold mistakes.


The second part of the main fabric should be used for the back. Fold the back piece. I cut 1 1/2 inch length and 3 inches width for the back. Mark the back neck with colored fabric.


You can decide to double fold the neck first and sew or sew the shoulders before double folding the neck to sew. ( whichever method you decide, it’s all good) I  did the latter.


Leave 10-13 inches gap length at the side to create the sleeve, then sew the remaining side. Sew in 1/2 inch in where the gap stopped before sewing the remaining side.

Time to hem.

I left side slits on both sides, double fold and hem the side slits. Then pin and hem both the bottom and sleeves of the kaftan.

It’s a 30 minutes sewing project.

how to cut and sew a maternity kaftan gown

how to cut and sew a maternity kaftan gown

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