Hey y’all! Today’s tutorial is still on maternity gown. I made this gown because it’s sexy and appropriate for my growing belly. It’s stretchy and could accommodate my growing belly until my due date.

This fabric is cheap, I mean very cheap, I bought it for N250 ( two hundred and fifty naira) at yaba market.

I made a bodice pattern for it; I could easily cut on my fabric but I couldn’t find my Chalk. I guess it ran away.

Materials needed are;

Two yards extra stretchy fabric

Sewing machine





1) I started with both necks of the bodice. I like to do a turn-up neck.( turning the back to the front and stitch). Double fold the necks and sew.

Note always stretch while you sew a stretchy fabric. Since the neck is wide, I didn’t stretch it enough.

2) stitch the shoulders together. I used my serger because of the ends pulling out.

3) double fold the sleeves and sew.

4) Sew both sides of the top.

Time to attach the skirt(bottom) part to the top.


5) Sew the bottom part together to form a whole.

6) turn the bottom part to the back and the top part to the front, tuck in the top into the bottom and pleat the bottom to fit the waist size of the top and sew the two together.

Stretch as you sew for elasticity on the waist.

Wear to fit and make the necessary adjustment.

7) Hem the bottom of the gown.

Viola! C’est fini.

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