This kaftan is very easy to make. It’s just like the previous one, but with a little detailing. I made this for my mom, she loves to wear kaftan.

All you need to make this kaftan are;

Your fabric ( one main color and one contrasting color)

Sewing machine


Lace applique

Thread to match both the fabrics and applique



Serger (optional)

Let’s get started..

It took me 2 hours to cut and sew.

1) Fold the fabric into two equal size and cut.

2) Use one piece for the front  and the other for the back. Start with the back piece. For the back piece, I cut out my neck curve. I used 3 inches for the width and 1 1/2 inch for the length. ( you can also use the front neck applique to determine the size of the neck width and how deep you cut yours, just in case your neck applique is bigger than mine.)

3)Double fold the neck and sew.


4) place the neck applique on the front piece and cut out the excess fabric on the neck.

5) I prefer to hand stitch the applique to the neck, rather than sew it to the neck.

It took me 30 minutes to stitch it to the neck. See picture of the back view above.

6) while sewing the shoulders together, you will leave space to give a pee-a-boo effect on the kimono sleeve. Just like in the picture above. Sew 2 1/2 inches from the neck down. Leave about 4/5 inches space and sew the rest. The measurement depends on the yards of your fabric and how long you want you kimono sleeve.

7) Hem the open space on the shoulder/sleeve.

8) Leave about 9/10 inches on both sides for the armhole.

Adding the contrasting fabric to the sleeve is optional. I cut out 6 inches in length and 50 inches width. (Cut out two of that measurement for both sleeves)

Fold and sew, turn it over and iron press to be smooth.

9) Attach by pining the yellow part to the sleeve. Start from the underarm line up to the shoulder and sew.

10) Hem the bottom of the fabric.

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