how to sew a little top for your toddler

how to sew a little top for your toddler

It’s about time I start sewing for my babies. There are so many children’s styles you can sew.

When it comes to baby girls fashion, you have to mix fabrics, make flowers, bows and be a little bit creative.

I love my girls wearing dresses; I buy lots of dresses for them, although they occasionally wear pants and leggings.

The fabrics I used are from my left over fabric from  previous works. I have few of them, that I will be using to make more dresses for my kids.

This tutorial is not going to be as detailed as my previous ones, for better understanding, check my other posts.

All you need to make this girly dress/top are

Fabric and a contrasting fabric for the design and interfacing.

You basic sewing tools

Follow this tutorial to learn how to sew a little top for your toddler. Let’s get started.

Draft your pattern it’s that easy. With your baby’s measurement make an A-shape cut on your fabric, for the gathers, cut 4 inches width and for the length, cut the chest measurement of your baby plus 15 inches. You can add more inches, to make the gathers more profound. You can click here to get a free pattern and adjust it to your kids size.

Start by sewing the front lining to the front piece 

When you’re done sewing, clip the neck and armhole for a smooth turning. Press after turning.

sew the front lining we have two front pieces because we are putting bottons on the dress. Sew the lining on the two front pieces.

After sewing, turn it over and iron.

sew the shoulders together tuck in the back shoulder into the front, fold the front in a little bit, then sew on the egde.

sew the sides together.

Sew the botton holes 

Run a bashing stitch on the bottom piece. Draw the threads at the ends to create a gathers.

Attach the bottom piece to the top and sew round.

After sewing, press it to be flat.

Hem the bottom

Create a bias by pressing the contrasting fabric to form a bias tape.

Use the bias tape to create a plating, place on the joining of the gathers and sew on the center.

Create a bow and attach it on the bottom side of the top. I hand stitched mine.

Sew in you bottons and open the botton holes.

Back view

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