How to cut and sew newborn romper

How to cut and sew newborn romper

Here we go! How lovely can this be. I love how the suit fit her so well. It’s a 0-3 month diaper suit.

I didn’t shop for a fabric, i just picked from my stash of fabrics.

It looks complex, but it is quite easy.

The pattern pieces were so tiny, I thought it might not fit her. I went through her measurement over and over again, just to be sure. As you can see, it turns out great.

Let’s get started

Items needed are;





Sewing machine




Here are my patterns, I made the diaper pattern only. The top part is easy to measure and cut directly on the fabric.

Start by sewing the bottom ends of the diaper cover together.

Sew using a bashing stitch. Drag the thread to form a gathers on the front top part of the diaper cover.

I overlocked the ends of the flare sleeve using a roll weeping. I made a facing for the front body.

Sew a bashing stitch on the sleeves and drag to form a gathers. Press the sleeve tape and sleeve flare to make it flat. Also press the front body.

Tuck in the flare sleeve into the sleeve tape; attach both to the body and sew. Do same to the second sleeve.

Sew the inner part of the sleeve tape to attach it to the body, sew all the way up to the end of the tape, I sewed mine later.

Create a bias that will be used as elastic pocket for the leg hole of the suit.

While sewing the bias on the leg hole, create a space for your elastic.

Create a band for the back waist elastic and sew to the back of the diaper suit.

Get your elastic ready

Insert the elastic on the leg hole and pin, do the same for the second leg hole.

Insert the back elastic and pin; now sew the both sides of the diaper pant.

Tuck in and sew on the edge of the sleeve tape

Create a botton hole on the sleeve tape (no picture)

Sew a botton on the back of the suit.

How to cut and sew newborn romper

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