Hey y’all

I would have posted this a long time, but I travelled with my family for our vacation. I become lazy whenever I’m on holiday.

I bought 7 yards of the print I used to make this “open back dress” for my daughters. I made a jacket and a dress from it which I sold. I was contemplating on using it to make a blouse for myself; but you know, mama makes sacrifices for their children. 😄

I still have pieces from the yellow I used to make them their dresses.

The front of the dress is gathered. I made it two layers, just to make it look more girly. I also made two flare sleeves. Every little girl needs a bow.

The back is quite different from the front. You need an elastic for the gathering of the back. To get the look, you will first sew the back top pieces to the back bottom before folding to create a space for the elastic.

Attach two ropes ( use the fabric to make a ribbon like rope) to the back of the dress to hold it together.

My big baby has a yellow detail on the first flare. You can do same.

The fabric was not enough to make them a diaper pant, which is a necessity for children of their age.


It literally took me 30 minute to take a picture. I took more than 10, which took me the whole day. I was exhausted.

It’s easy to sew. I will try it on ankara.

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