It’s hot, it’s summer, our boys need short and maybe a shirt to go with the short. You can either buy for them or sew. It’s cheap to buy and cheaper to sew.

He has three shorts that I have made for him so far. They are all in Ankara fabric.

The illustration needs to be adjusted to fit your little ones. The illustration is for a tall 6 years old. My son is 6 years old, he is very tall, more like a nine years  old kind of tall. He is slim but tall.

So! The illustration below is based on his measurement, it might not go with your 6 years old. You can tweak it using his measurement or keep trying it on him while you sew to get a better fit.

It going to be a two part sewing tutorials. First the short then the shirt, cut out your pattern  and get ready for the sewing tutorial which I will be posting next.


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