This is the first part sewing tutorial. We will start with the short, then the shirt.

You will need:

Your fabric ( 2-3 yards fabric)

Sewing pattern  ( Click here if you haven’t made yours)




1) Sew the crotch of both the front and back pieces.

2) Sew the side pockets. Turn it over to the back and sew on the slant twice. Sew the bottom part of the pocket.

3) place the front and back pieces together (both right sides facing each other) and sew the crotch.

4) Sew the sides of the short.

5) get your waist band ready. I used 3 inches length, and the round measurement of the short waist.

Sew the side of the band.

6) Attach the band to the waist, just as in the picture above. Pin and sew round.


7) Turn the band in ( the back side of the short) and sew on the edge.

N.B remember to leave space for the elastic.

Insert the elastic and sew on the open space.

8) I cut another fabric to make a turn-up for the leg. You can either hem yours or add more design to it by sewing a turn-up.

Get a fabric, the same measurement as the round short leg ( like 6 1/2 inches length) press to fold. Sew by placing it at the back side of the short leg. After sewing, turn it to the front.

Press the short for a clean finish.

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