My favorite outfit to wear especially during this lock down period is short.

The PJ short has been one of my pending projects, due to my busy work schedule, I kept postponing it. The stay at home order due to the corona virus has afford me the time to make more. I also made for my daughter.

Pinterest is a good site to get sewing pattern illustration, all you need to do is adjust these patterns to your size.

I added lace trims to two of my shorts. I couldn’t go out to buy elastic band for my daughter’s short, so I improvised by using the elastic lace trims on both of her short. So far, from the look of the short, that was a good sew.

A stretchy fabric will be preferable for the short as you will be laid-back at home and you definitely do not want anything to restrict the way you spread your legs at home. I like to spread myself all over the bed when I sleep, so I need to wear something really free and airy. It’s more comfortable to use a stretchy fabric. I used non-stretchy fabrics for two of my shorts. For the African print, I made a size 14 and i’m a size 10 and also the short is not joined together at the side. it’s like a freedom short, you can literary do anything wearing the African print short. while the polka dot short is restricted, I can’t really dance or spread my legs freely. It’s body fitted but beautiful. I could go out with it.

You’ll need:

  • your fabric
  • sewing machine
  • pattern paper
  • ruler
  • elastic
  • pins
  • sewing thread
  • measuring tape
  • scissors

Below are the illustration to making two of these shorts. so let’s get started.

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