DIY short downloadable sewing pattern

DIY downloadable PJ short. Easy sewing tutorial.

Hey’ all, I made a DIY short Downloadable sewing pattern for those that are interested in making my PJ short.

I used a knit fabric for this one. Like I said before, stretchy fabric is more comfortable. I made a top for it too. It’s a high waist short. I love high waist outfit, it’s sexy.

DIY downloadable PJ short sewing pattern. and  a sewing illustration on how to make the short.

it’s easy to sew, it takes less than 30 minutes to make this short. My previous post gave a vivid illustration on how to make a short. It’s easy and straight forward. Click here to link to the sewing illustration. You can also click here to link to one of my favorite site to learn how to sew a boxer short.

DIY downloadable PJ short sewing pattern.


The layout for this pattern is for international A4 paper width 8.27, height 11.69

It’s a UK size 10, however, UK size 12 can also use this pattern with allowance and it has to be a stretchy fabric.

The rectangle pink color is there to help you align the front pattern while the blue color helps you align the back pattern before cutting your fabric.

No seam allowance required for a size 10, add seam allowance for a size 12.

Measure and cut out the pattern on your knit fabric.

The pattern should be cut in fold

No scaling or scale 100% (printing settings)

Click here to download the DIY short Downloadable sewing pattern.

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