learn how to sew this DIY baby romper

DIY baby romper tutorial

Learn how to make this DIY baby romper. it’s easy to sew. I have made something similar, I used the same pattern and method to make this Ankara baby romper.

DIY baby romper

I have made something similar to this; I used the same pattern and method to make this Ankara baby romper but i adjusted the size.

easy sewing tutorial on  DIY baby romper

My first attempt with the DIY baby romper, was when she was almost three months. My second attempt was when she turn a year old. I used the same sewing pattern for the second baby romper, I changed the back and made it a tie back, like an alter neck, I didn’t add the ruffle to it also.

how to sew a baby romper

You can click here to follow the step by step tutorial to make your baby romper. (here is another tutorial that might be helpful) You can change the look to whatever you want by adjusting the pattern to your preference likewise the size.

easy to make  DIY baby romper

Let me say this, it was a hell of a work to take these pictures; I couldn’t get her to stay still, it was exhausting.

beautiful baby romper

Here is an illustration that you can adjust to suit the size of your baby.

baby romper sewing illustration

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