Hair Growth diary 1

Chimamanda’s Hair Growth Diary 1

look at those curls, evidence of good healthy hair care.

This post is a remainder to be consistent with my daughter’s hair regimen, of which I have been. Some days are hard, because she doesn’t want her hair to be touched. The struggle is real. She cries sometimes, which is not encouraging at all. Simple co-washing, she burst out crying. Other days are better, mostly when she is feeling sleepy.

hair growth length check

I’m proud of where we’re with her hair growth. It’s growing longer and longer. I tried to extend the days I put my hands on her hair, i.e I do a long lasting protective style.

I have used different hair products. I didn’t like the last leave-in-conditioner I used on her hair. It was so watery and doesn’t really soak into her hair. I can tell you that I will not be using the product anytime soon.

Hair Growth diary 1

She is a year and eight months and her hair is a healthy 10 inches long. I’m trying to break the habit of using products I taught were great after reading the content and realize it was not that good on her hair.

We are breaking free from babies’ hair products and using normal hair products. I have started using the Olive oil brands on her hair.

Hair Growth diary 1

I have watched lots of YouTube videos and read articles on pinterest on how to have a healthy long hair. From my understanding, the only way to grow a long healthy hair is hair retention. I have tremendously reduce manipulating her hair. I have tried to wear her, her hair bonnet, but she just takes it off.

Hair Growth diary 1 is a documentation on her journey, trials and error on how to maintain a healthy natural hair. I will continue to update this diary.

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