Hello there! I’m Lina, welcome to my blog.
I’m delighted that you found your way to my blog. I’m about creativity; I love to explore and learn new things. I get my inspiration from everything I see around me.

I’m an aspiring seamstress. Ok! Let me just say I’m aspiring to be a fashion designer. I have been making my clothes since the age of nine, and then I used needle and thread to make my clothes. I practice a lot with my mom’s wrapper; I cut them and make something out of it. I remembered when I cut the new top my dad bought for me to make a mono strap top because I didn’t like the design. He got furious. Lol! I was the family mending machine; I used my hands to mend my siblings’ clothes.

I have never been formally trained in fashion or clothing creation, I was born that way. Lol! (like BEYONCE “I woke up like this…, I woke up like this…, I’m flawless. Baby). You grab! I love making sewing patterns. It’s a new found hobby for me. Though! I’m still learning how to use illustrator to digitalize them. I also put in my fine art skills, by sketching my clothes. My sketches are not perfect, though, but I’m getting there.

My first love before my dogs was my sewing machine. I can never stop thanking my mom; she surprised me with a beautiful fresh out of the factory butterfly sewing machine on my 15th birthday. My mom is the greatest. I still use that machine.

I get a lot of requests from friends to teach them how to cut, create patterns and sew clothes, so, sewingandfabric .com was founded.

Making clothes is one of my hobbies; my closet is full of my design. I will post my step by step sewing tutorials, projects and free patterns weekly, maybe twice a week when I’m less busy. I don’t want to get fired from work. Lol! Just kidding!