easy sewing; shift dress with pocket sewing tutorial

I posted a step by step illustration on how to draft a shift dress pattern last week. Click here for the tutorial.


I made another shift green dress for myself with eyelet detailing and a ruffle bottom. It’s my new work/church dress. I love the texture of the fabric, so relaxing and hairy.

Today, we are going to learn how to sew a shift A-line dress. (more…)

shift dress; illustration on how to draft a shift dress pattern


As promised, I will be starting my sewing tutorials with an illustration before the main sewing. Nothing technical or complex, I will make it easy and straight forward as I can.
The whole shift dress idea was from a beautiful sewing and fabric blog visitor, she knows how to sew, but find it difficult drafting a pattern that will fit her body.


step by step pattern making tutorial for our next sewing project (part 2)

Hey ‘all, this is a continuation of our pattern making tutorials. We are going to make the back pattern. I’m going to make it really easy for you to follow. We are going to do more of tracing, after tracing then we draft. click here for the first tutorial.

Get a new brown paper or use the one left from the first draft.50

First, we are going to mark two inches, 1 inch for the zipper allowance and 1 inch for the slit allowance


After marking, rule down.