cold shoulder dress with hidden pocket sewing tutorial



Hello guys! It’s been a long time I posted on my blog. I’m back to Nigeria and I’m busy cleaning and washing. I look chunky in my pictures, I added a tremendous amount of weight, I could not stop eating cheese and McDonald’s ice cream.   I was consuming a lot of fatty food and drinking sodas. I have started watching what I eat and the portion, I will be back to my previous weight in no time.


needle tatting; new project and new hobby


I had a long sleep today. Thank God it’s Saturday!  I added lace making to my hobbies, what a good way to keep yourself busy. I discovered about thread art when I  was in the university. I came across a video on how to make antique and vintage lace using needle and thread, It was an intro video and not the main thing. Before I watched the video, I taught that laces are made with machines. Since I watched the video, I have been looking  for a way and the technique of making lace.



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two ways you can digitize your sewing pattern using adobe illustrator (video)


digitize your sewing patterns with adobe illustrator

I made my first blog video today; I didn’t talk much. It’s a little demonstration on how to digitize your sewing pattern with adobe illustrator. If you don’t know how to manually draft a pattern, this post might not be helpful to you.

There are two methods;

The first method is to manually draft your pattern; you can either scan your pattern or take a clear picture of it. Open your adobe illustrator, place your photographed pattern and trace.

screen shot two