Easy sewing : how to cut and sew a maternity kaftan gown

Hey y’all. How you doing?

I’m having another baby, nothing fit anymore. I’m In my second trimester and I have already added 15kg. Too much right! I know. I can’t help it, it’s like i’m starving all the time. My first pregnancy was the same, I added a total of 38kg (from 60kg to 98kg). I was massive; I was literally walking like a penguin.


shift dress; illustration on how to draft a shift dress pattern


As promised, I will be starting my sewing tutorials with an illustration before the main sewing. Nothing technical or complex, I will make it easy and straight forward as I can.
The whole shift dress idea was from a beautiful sewing and fabric blog visitor, she knows how to sew, but find it difficult drafting a pattern that will fit her body.