easy sewing; baggy jumpsuit sewing tutorial



The first jumpsuit post had no step by step tutorial, just a few pictures I took with my tablet. I was going to make the first jumpsuit a two part tutorial, just to give a more vivid detail. The baggy jumpsuit is nothing similar to the first jumpsuit. The baggy jumpsuit is a straight stitching, it’s just like making a top and skirt separately, and attaching them at the waist.




easy sewing; sleeveless pleated dress sewing tutorial

sleeveless-pleated-dress-3 sleeveless-pleateddress sleeveless-pleated-dress

Hello guys! I love the weather today. It’s raining and there is light; I think today will be a good day. I’m excited to  share this sewing tutorial. I love this fabric!  Before going to the fabric store, I have already sketched the design and visualize the fabric that will suit the design. I sketched an abaya gown, but I changed my mind and made this sleeveless dress instead.

I’ve been having a love affair with this pleated dress. I wore it twice last week and I made it last week Saturday. I’m going to try a cotton fabric with this design. I’m thinking of Ankara (we will see.).



cold shoulder dress with hidden pocket sewing tutorial



Hello guys! It’s been a long time I posted on my blog. I’m back to Nigeria and I’m busy cleaning and washing. I look chunky in my pictures, I added a tremendous amount of weight, I could not stop eating cheese and McDonald’s ice cream.   I was consuming a lot of fatty food and drinking sodas. I have started watching what I eat and the portion, I will be back to my previous weight in no time.


easy sewing; double front fitted dress for plus size





This is an ideal design for a plus size woman. The dress is not revealing and the fabric is perfect for this design. I used a thick stretched fabric which helps hold the body firmly. The second half wrap front is there to cover the tummy size. The dress is elegant and you can wear it to a dinner party or a wedding. I made the dress for my mom and it fits my sister perfectly. My mom is a size 22 and my sister is a size 24.

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